Superior Rust Protection

Gunzilla automatically removes rust while it is cleaning. Once the weapon is cleaned and wiped dry Gunzilla leaves a dry coating for lubrication and protection. Most gun cleaners do not remove rust, so when oil is applied to protect against rust, the rust is simply covered up and slowed down but it’s still adhered to the metal.

When you wipe down your weapon with Gunzilla there is no rust left between the protective coating and the metal. This provides the weapon with superior rust protection because the protective coating must be removed before the rusting process can start.

Gunzilla in Combat

Gunzilla reduced total weapon malfunctions by 75% or more in Iraq and Afghanistan. The non-ionic coating doesn’t attract sand, dust, or carbon from bullets. It

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Superior Accuracy

Many of the top shooters in the world shooting everything from handguns and automatic weapons to muzzleloaders have told us they have scored the highest

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