Benefit's of Gunzilla

A Life Saving Product

Gunzilla in Combat

Gunzilla reduced total weapon malfunctions by 75% or more in Iraq and Afghanistan. The non-ionic coating doesn’t attract sand, dust, or carbon from bullets. It

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Superior Accuracy

Many of the top shooters in the world shooting everything from handguns and automatic weapons to muzzleloaders have told us they have scored the highest

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Superior Cleaner

Gunzilla removes carbon, copper, lead, rust, black powder, and plastic particles left from shotgun sabots/wads. It also neutralizes and cleans the residue left by corrosive

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Superior Lubricant

The lubricant in Gunzilla is more slippery than most gun oils and petroleum-based lubricants. Since it is non-ionic, Gunzilla does not attract or retain sand,

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Superior Rust Protection

Gunzilla automatically removes rust while it is cleaning. Once the weapon is cleaned and wiped dry Gunzilla leaves a dry coating for lubrication and protection.

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Champions Use Gunzilla

California Grizzlies

2009 Camp Perry Rattle Battle Champions. First time in 107- year history of the Rattle Battle Match at Camp Perry, Ohio, an amateur team won. This match highlights the talents of the best shooters in the world. It includes all the U.S. military marksmanship teams (Army, Air Force, National Guard, Marines, Navy) and the top international shooting teams from around the world. The demonstrated talent of this high school shooting team and their coaches in this highly competitive match is a remarkable achievement. We are so proud they were using Gunzilla. Remember Gunzilla does not aim the weapons, we only help the bullets go where the weapon is aimed.

Testimonials from Troops in
Combat using Gunzilla


Copperzilla used with Gunzilla

  • Copperzilla is made from plant materials and it will remove copper fouling most copper removers will fail to remove.
  • 95% or more of combat troops will only need to use Gunzilla to remove copper fouling from bores.
  • Copperzilla is engineered to remove the most difficult copper fouling. This fouling is common when shooting solid copper bullets such as a Barnes Bullet. Most militaries use copper jacketed bullets which normally only requires Gunzilla. Many snipers use solid copper bullets such as Barnes Bullets.
  • Copperzilla can be left on the bore for extending periods without damaging the bores. It does not attack steel, stainless steel or chrome. It only attacks copper, aluminum and brass. This makes it much safer for use on weapons.
  • Once the copper is removed with Copperzilla the bore is cleaned with Gunzilla.

Gunzilla Gun Cleaning Kits

The Gunzilla Combat Cleaning Tool Kit is designed to clean any gun. 

  1. This kit can clean any gun from a .22 to a .50 cal., all shotguns, pistols, automatic weapons, rifles and muzzle loaders.   
  2. Every piece of the kit is made from brass or is covered in plastic to protect the steel bores from damage.  Brass is softer than steel and it won’t harm the tips of steel barrels which can cause bullet inaccuracies. 
  3. The kit has three different methods for cleaning the bore.  You can use a hoop, brush, or Swab-its.  While most people have used brushes and loops the Swap-its are ideal for people with weak hands and fingers.  It is much easier to push the Swab-its down the bore and they can be used over and over. 
  4. The Gunzilla cleaning pouch makes it easy to take to the range and keep all your cleaning equipment in one small place.
  5. The kit is being purchased by combat troops, hunters, competitive shooters and anyone who wants to clean a gun easily. 
1 1 Gunzilla 12″ X 12″ Cotton Cleaning Cloth which also can be used to make patches
2 10 Gunzilla .223 / 5.56 MM or .22 Cotton Cleaning Patches
3 10 Gunzilla .308 / 7.62 MM, .38/9 MM Cotton Cleaning Patches
4 10 Gunzilla .50 Caliber, 12 Gauge, 16 Guage or 20 Gauge Cotton Cleaning Patches
5 1 Gunzilla All Purpose Cleaning Brush
6 1 Gunzilla 4 Piece Brass Bore and Chamber Rod
7 1 Gunzilla T-Handle for Rods and Pull Through Cable
8 2 Gunzilla Handle Adapters for Chamber Brushes and Pull Through Cable
9 1 Gunzilla 42″ Pull through cable for .50 caliber
10 1 Gunzilla 22-30 Caliber Brass Loop
11 1 Gunzilla Brass Shotgun Loop
12 1 Gunzilla .223 Brass Bore Brush/5.56 MM or .22
13 1 Gunzilla .223/5.56 MM Chamber Brush
14 1 Gunzilla .308/7.62 MM Brass Bore Cleaning Brush
15 1 Gunzilla .308/762 MM Chamber Brush
16 1 Gunzilla .50 Caliber Brass Bore Brush or 410 Gauge Shotgun
17 1 Gunzilla .38/9 MM Brass Bore Brush
18 1 Gunzilla 12 Gauge Brass Bore Brush
19 1 Gunzilla 16 or 20 Gauge Brass Bore Brush
20 1 Gunzilla 1.9 oz Cleaner, Lubricant and Weapons Protector (CLP)
21 1 Gunzilla Combat Cleaning Tool Kit Pouch with Zipper and Molle Attachment
22 1 Swab-it to fit .22 & .223
23 1 Swab-it to fit .357 and 9 MM
24 1 Swab-it to fit .45

Increases the number of rounds
between cleanings

Gunzilla Challenge

Take a gun which tends to gum up or jam and keep count of how many rounds before you notice a problem. Then take the same gun and clean it only with Gunzilla and wipe it dry. If extra lubrication is preferred after cleaning do not use oil. Use a lightly moist patch with Gunzilla and run over the moving parts. Or place some drops of Gunzilla where you would normally place oil. Then see how many rounds Gunzilla fires smoothly and compare.

Another Gunzilla Challenge

Take a gun cleaned with your normal cleaners and once you are sure it is clean then clean it with Gunzilla and see the difference.

Gunzilla is Special

Made from plants (no water, no petroleum) • Certified by the USDA as BioBased. Non-hazardous formula, non corrosive, non-flammable. Cleans carbon faster than traditional cleaners by breaking the bonds of the carbon molecules. Is safe for use on all metals and high quality polymers.

Increases the number of shots in weapons between cleanings and doubles the life of weapons in combat. Most cleaners use water or petroleum as a base and Gunzilla uses natural based products (plants). Gunzilla doesn’t freeze and has proven effective in Artic conditions. The warmer the temperature the faster Gunzilla cleans.

Who uses Gunzilla

Virtually all U.S. Government Federal Agencies including the Secret Service to protect the President

U.S. Military counter-terrorism units

Over 400 police departments in the U.S.

Snipers and Competitive shooters because Gunzilla doesn’t produce flyers

World Headquarters

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