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A life-saving product


Gunzilla® BC-10 was the inspiration of Don Kettles after he learned weapon malfunctions in combat was costing American lives. In addition, Don learned the hazardous ingredients in military CLP’s (according to the MSDS sheets) was known to cause cancer, nervous disorders and direct skin contact could result in liver and kidney damage. According to the Surgeon General the military CLP was only approved for military use with protective gloves. But nobody in combat is or was provided with protective gloves. One of the CLP’s contained several SARA III chemicals. SARA III are dangerous toxic chemicals.

Gunzilla has exceeded all our goals for improving weapon reliability, increasing weapon life and removing the hazardous and dangerous chemicals common in gun cleaners. Gunzilla is designed to clean, lubricate and protect a weapon with one formula. This U.S.D.A. BioBased Certified product is made from natural-based materials and contains no water, and is non-hazardous. It cleans quicker than traditional cleaners, improves weapon reliability, and leaves a non-ionic coating for lubrication and protection. In combat, Gunzilla has reduced weapon malfunctions by 75% or more and is considered a life-saving product by combat forces.

Gunzilla is the new gold standard for cleaning, lubricating and protecting (CLP) guns with one formula. Our product is preferred by many hunters, shooters, police departments, and military units deploying to combat. It can be used on all guns including shotguns, handguns, rifles, automatic weapons and muzzleloaders

Why Gunzilla Is Special

Made from plants (no water, no petroleum) • Certified by the USDA as BioBased

Non-hazardous formula, non-corrosive, non-flammable

Cleans carbon faster than traditional cleaners by breaking the bonds of the carbon molecules.

Is safe for use on all metals and high-quality polymers.

Increases the number of shots in weapons between cleanings and doubles the life of weapons in combat.

Gunzilla doesn’t freeze and has proven effective in Arctic conditions.

The warmer the temperature the faster Gunzilla cleans.

Specs About Gunzilla

Superior Cleaner

Gunzilla removes carbon, copper, lead, rust, black powder, and plastic particles left from shotgun sabots/wads. It also neutralizes and cleans the residue left by corrosive primers. In black powder guns, Gunzilla eliminates using water to clean and oil to lubricate.

Superior Lubricant

The lubricant in Gunzilla is more slippery than most gun oils and petroleum-based lubricants. Since it is non-ionic, Gunzilla does not attract or retain sand, dust, dirt, or other debris which can interfere with good lubrication.

Superior Rust Protection

Gunzilla automatically removes rust while it is cleaning. Once the weapon is cleaned and wiped dry Gunzilla leaves a dry coating for lubrication and protection. Most gun cleaners do not remove rust, so when oil is applied to protect against rust it actually is covering up rust. This allows the rust to continue and spread under the gun oil. Gunzilla removes the rust even rust you can see so it doesn’t rust and continue to spread under the Gunzilla coating.

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Copperzilla used with Gunzilla

Copperzilla is made from plant materials and it will remove copper fouling most copper removers will fail to remove. 95% or more of combat troops will only need to use Gunzilla to remove copper fouling from bores. Copperzilla is engineered to remove the most difficult copper fouling. This fouling is common when shooting solid copper bullets such as a Barnes Bullet. Most militaries use copper-jacketed bullets which normally only requires Gunzilla. Many snipers use solid copper bullets such as Barnes Bullets. Copperzilla can be left on the bore for extending periods without damaging the bores. It does not attack steel, stainless steel, or chrome. It only attacks copper, aluminum, and brass. This makes it much safer for use on weapons. Once the copper is removed with Copperzilla the bore is cleaned with Gunzilla.

Champions Use Gunzilla