Superior Accuracy

Many of the top shooters in the world shooting everything from handguns and automatic weapons to muzzleloaders have told us they have scored the highest score in their history of shooting with Gunzilla.

One shooter told us he won his club championship for the first time in his life. He claimed in the middle of his match he doesn’t get flyers when he uses Gunzilla. This is the result of Gunzilla cleaning the bore more thoroughly and leaving a coating that doesn’t allow the bore to foul as quickly. The slick coating left by Gunzilla also helps the bore foul evenly so a bullet doesn’t hit a slug of carbon left by a previous bullet.

Gunzilla does not aim the gun, but Gunzilla does help the bullet go where the gun is aimed.   Gunzilla has proven to help superior shooters become champions.

Gunzilla in Combat

Gunzilla reduced total weapon malfunctions by 75% or more in Iraq and Afghanistan. The non-ionic coating doesn’t attract sand, dust, or carbon from bullets. It

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