Superior Lubricant

The lubricant in Gunzilla is more slippery than most gun oils and petroleum-based lubricants. Since it is non-ionic, Gunzilla does not attract or retain sand, dust, carbon, or other debris which can interfere with good lubrication. Gunzilla is used as a dry lubricant in the desert and is left slightly moist in temperate or wet climates. The dry lubricated coating left by Gunzilla after it is wiped off the action parts is one reason why weapons lubed with Gunzilla greatly reduced weapon malfunctions in the Iraq and Afghanistan environments.

To prove Gunzilla’s superior lubrication during a field test a Marine Sergeant ran a test using a Colt™ M-16A2 rifle. He first cleaned the weapon with military CLP and measured the temperature of the action. He then fired at the cyclic rate and measured the temperature rise in the action after 25 rounds. This procedure was then followed using only Gunzilla on the same weapon resulting in a 53°F cooler action than when the weapon was cleaned and lubricated with military CLP. The lower temperature is the result of less friction which means less wear, higher reliability, better accuracy, and longer weapon life. The Sergeant’s Marine unit benefitted from these while fighting in Fallujah, Iraq.

Gunzilla in Combat

Gunzilla reduced total weapon malfunctions by 75% or more in Iraq and Afghanistan. The non-ionic coating doesn’t attract sand, dust, or carbon from bullets. It

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Superior Accuracy

Many of the top shooters in the world shooting everything from handguns and automatic weapons to muzzleloaders have told us they have scored the highest

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