What Our Troops Say

This stuff is great my weapon cleans up so much easier and I have not had a weapon jam since I have been using it. I also like the fact that I can use it and not have to worry about it cracking my hands or being bad for me in the long run.
U.S. Soldier in the Mid-East
Gunzilla: Without a doubt the best weapons care product in the world. Since our squad started using it in September of 2006, we have weened nearly the entire company off of traditional CLP. It would have happened sooner.
U.S. Marine in Iraq
This product Gunzilla is awesome, my squad has cut our weapon malfunctions by 75% since we started using Gunzilla. This product needs to find its way into the hands of every soldier over hereThanks for a real great product.
U.S. Soldier in Iraq
I just wanted to let you know and any one else who is skeptical about using your product that they can put their skepticism to rest. My son stated that he wanted me to send him some more of your product because it works !!!!!!!! He advised me that he treated his M-4 with your product and did not have one jam or malfunction while on the range in Kuwait City. He stated that his men on the line were continually having to fix jams and malfunctions due to the sand that is always blowing in the air.
Parent of U.S. Soldier